Tales of Zestiria the X

Streaming of "Tales of Zestiria the X" has begun!! Now's the time to catch up on the story with a special review video!
We have other content planned to make the broadcast of Zestiria even more fun, so stay tuned!

  • 2017.02.10
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    The new promo for Tales of Zestiria the X is up! 2 videos covering animation studio ufotable are also available NOW!
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  • ufotable Special ①: Tales of Zestiria the X at ufotable Cafe We had the chance to visit the Tales of Zestiria the X cafe!
    If you're a fan of Tales of Zestiria or animation studio ufotable, make sure to take a look!

  • ufotable Special ②: MACHI☆ASOBI at Tokushima Event Report MACHI☆ASOBI is an event organized by animation studio ufotable.
    The movie also includes a special interview with ufotable president Hikaru Kondo!!

  • Interview with Viva-kun Check out our Interview with Viva-kun, the mascot from the popular show “Viva Tales of”!
    He tells us about the fascination of the Tales of series.

  • "Tales of Link" special interview DAISUKI.net special interview!
    We had the chance to talk with Hazama-san,
    producer of the latest Tales of series mobile game, "Tales of Link"!

  • Tales of Festival 2016 Fan’s interview DAISUKI.net was at the Tales of Festival 2016, held on July 9 & 10 in Yokohama, Japan! We have met many Tales of series fans at the venue!
    * Tales of Festival is an annual event for fans of the “Tales of“ game series. The main contents of the event are skits and talk shows by the voice actors, live performances by the theme song artists and more. It started in 2008 and was held for the 9th time this year.

  • AnimeExpo 2016 Tales of series Photo Gathering Impressions from the Tales of series Cosplay Gathering at our DAISUKI.net booth at AnimeExpo 2016!

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