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us en eromangasensei



#03 Buck Naked Mansion and the Fallen Master

The Izumi House's empty mansion next door has rumors of being cursed because of continuous misfortunes. But what happens when Sagiri starts hearing piano music coming from the supposed empty mansion?! And how will Masamune handle this Fallen Master?




Masamune Izumi writes novels while attending high school.He lives with his shut-in sister, Sagiri Izumi, whom he hasn'tseen in the flesh for a year,One day, Masamune happens to find out that Sagiri is actuallyEromanga Sensei, the illustrator for his own novels.The day he discovers his younger sister's other side, the doorto her room - "The Sealed Room" - finally opens.After being reunited for the first time in a year, the siblings'relationship undergoes a drastic change...


Creation Year: 2017
Licensor: Aniplex Inc.
Copyright: © 2016 Tsukasa Fushimi/KADOKAWA CORPORATION AMW/EMP


Original Story: Tsukasa Fushimi (Published in Dengeki Bunko)
Original Character Design: Kanzakihiro
Director: Ryohei Takeshita
Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi
Character Design: Hiroyuki Orita
Music: Tomoki KikuyaAnimation Production: A-1 Pictures


Sagiri Izumi: Akane Fujita
Masamune Izumi: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Elf Yamada:Minami Takahashi
Muramasa Senju:Saori Oishi
Megumi Jinno:Ibuki Kido
Chie Takasa:Yui Ishikawa
Ayame Kagurazaka:Mikako Komatsu
Kunimitsu Shido:Nobunaga Shimazaki